Since a Mom begins with dry baths in her baby that will prepare him to get used to this routine, the coming years will make the daily bath time something that the little ones really enjoy, splashing in the water, playing with the foam, and with toys or accessories that parents can incorporate into the bathtub for bath time. However, you don’t need to rush here and there for these things as you can find all the bathroom accessories and can buy kids bathroom kits from Mothercare and enjoy hassle-free online kids shopping in Pakistan.

The truth is that with the passage of time and reached a certain age, many of them begin to change their minds about this hygienic custom, and parents face a problematic situation in front of children who do not want to bathe. This is the most irritating dare for your kid because water not fascinates them enough.

When children who do not want to bathe is because they have reached an age where they begin to question within their capabilities. Parents can introduce pleasant routines or another activity they like more, such as a game or entertainment, to deal with this issue. Yes a game or some kind of activity is must needed while taking bath to divert their mind from bathing. So Parents needsto make sure this and this will help also

Things that parents should keep in mind

Put the water in the bathtub, enough to cover a part of the baby’s body. It is advisable to pour the cold water first and then add the hot one little by little until you feel that the temperature is stable. Check the temperature with a bath thermometer or with the elbow. The next step is to strip the baby, clean the diaper area beforehand and put it carefully in the bathtub. You should never put your baby in the bathtub or leave him ALONE!

Fun during the bath

Allowing and stimulating the baby to move their legs and splash during the bath is a good activity to make the child adapt to the bathroom routine. Remember that the practice of good habits should start from the first bath of the baby. The baby should be bathed, whenever possible, every day and at the same time.

Also, take advantage to increase the bond of communication with the baby. During the bath, talk to him, sing and have fun with him. And from the first year, when the baby already acquired skills and knows how to defend themselves more, it is recommended that you have toys in the bathtub, such as ducklings or little fish rattles, balls, small mills, etc. However, Mothercare Pakistan offers one of the most attractive range for Online Shopping for Kids Apparel.

A complete hygiene of the baby

In the first months of life and at least until the baby is 8 months old and does not hold seated, it is advisable to bathe the baby in a small plastic bathtub. After this stage, you can bathe the baby in the bathtub of a lifetime. There are chairs, suitable for large bathtubs that can help parents keep their baby safe in the bathtub. The step of the baby to the big bathtub will be exciting to him since it will be able to even bathe next to his mom or his dad, who must increase the surveillance and the security measures to his small one. All some Mothercare products are so safe that you may not to worry about the hygiene of your cute one.

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