How do you portray your success? Or rather, how do you carry yourself with those fashion accessories perfectly blending in with your attire? It sometimes confuses us when the whole idea of fashionable accessories comes into the picture. Isn’t it? All those exclusive watches for women, bright scarves, stylish handbags, etc. undoubtedly complement your expressions. Even if your wardrobe is filled with all these, it’s important to match up with the dress and the occasion. For example, daily commuting in the workplace requires you to be well dressed as a casual woman without any formality occasionally going for the slaying.

These accessories do fulfill the purpose of matching up exactly to the situation. But, on the flip side, it can really make it look unusual as well. So let’s find out those accessories and how to use them to complement rather than disrupt your attire.


Jewelry on a woman has a lot to convey on different occasions. If you don’t want to attract too much attention, don’t use noisy Jewelry in the workplace. Now, noisy jewelry includes too much luster in bangles, fancy necklace, shiny earrings, etc. Conserve some of your formal looks for the special occasions and only use small and classy earrings, thin bracelets, etc. The professional look doesn’t require too much style. Although, bands, wedding rings, anniversary rings, etc. are appropriate.


Invest in a good quality bag which you can carry to your workplace. Though a Formal bag has some other purposes, it could sometimes fit in that professional environment. Make sure it fulfills your quantity carrying capacity. Also, it must not be too big for your stature. The color, size, and quality of the handbag combine to sum up the product. Some color choices include black, navy blue, brown or beige.

Wrist Watches

Watches attract a lot more attention than you think. No doubt these are functional accessories but designs on them really compliment your entire appearance. The style of ladies watches might define your whole personality and it is a great way to portray confidence through the accessory. Watches are not really that expensive if you buy them smartly. Make sure you wear the appropriate type of watch for the occasion you are in. Purchase some formal watches, you can wear them at your workplace as casual counterparts.

Other accessories

Unlike men, women have the privilege to wear bright accessories other than the above mentioned. Colorful scarves, anklets, necklaces, belts, etc. really perform a hidden function you notice later. The only thing is the right fashion sense to use them in the situation.

It’s about conveying the right personality and character you own and having an appropriate sense on how to use these accessories as compliments, you are good to go for the unique collection.

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