1. Invest In A Quality Mattress for Better Quality Sleep:

Believe it or not, your bed could actually be keeping you awake at night. If you are having trouble sleeping, you may need to invest in a quality mattress. Even if you’re not suffering with insomnia, if your bed causes your body to ache during the night you could be experiencing disruptive sleep. Some of the most popular mattresses on the market include the Sleep Number brand and the Tempur-Pedic sets.

2. Choose Your Pillow Wisely

Sometimes something as simple as a change in your pillow can make it challenging for you to fall or stay asleep. Although a pillow might offer comfort at first, over time it will change and you’ll need a new one. In addition, it’s a good idea to replace your pillow at least a few times a year for hygiene purposes. Look for pillows which are constructed for the specific position you sleep in. For example, if you’re a side sleeper, look for a side sleeper pillow for ultimate comfort.

3. Don’t Share Your Bed With Your Kids

Almost every parent chooses to allow their kids to sleep in their bed, at least a few times. However, some parents let their children sleep with them every night. While most psychologists feel this is not an emotionally harmful thing to do, allowing your baby or child to sleep with you can lead to a poor nights sleep.

4. Buy Fido A Dog Bed

Just like you shouldn’t allow your kids to sleep in your bed, your dog shouldn’t either. More and more people today allow their pets to sleep with them, which is a big mistake if you have trouble getting quality sleep each night. Dogs can take up too much space and cause movement throughout the night which might subtly wake you. So, do yourself a favor and buy Fido a dog bed!

5. Exercise Considerations and Your Sleep Patterns

It’s great you want to be health and getting into the habit of exercising is a wonderful idea. Just be sure you don’t exercise too close to bedtime or weight is not the only loss you’ll experience. Exercise can actually cause you to feel wide awake. Plan your routine to end at least two hours before your bedtime, if you exercise in the evening.

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