Don’t know how to move a piano? You need not to. For the sake of your and your instrument’s safety, find the most experienced and equipped long distance piano moversfor moving a piano long distance. If you still want to know how to move a piano, here is a guide for you. Move your piano without professional assistance only and only if you have required equipment and you are aware of the right lifting techniques. Otherwise, do a simple Google search and hire one of the best long distance piano movers. Let’s proceed to tips for moving a piano downstairs, transporting and then moving it upstairs safely and efficiently.

Stuff you need

  • Blankets and plastic covers
  • Plastic cover straps
  • Work gloves
  • Piano dollies
  • Piano dolly straps
  • Piano shoes
  • Piano slippers

Different types of pianos

The way you will move it downstairs, transport and move it upstairs, it depends on the size and weight of the piano. So, you need to know about different types of pianos.

Piano Type Weight
Upright Piano 140 kg to 410 kg
Digital Piano Usually under 70 kg
Baby Grand Piano Between 230 kg and 365 kg
Grand Piano Between 230 kg and 545 kg
Concert Grand Piano Over 600 kg

How to lift a piano safely

  • First of all, check the type of piano. Consider the weight and size of the piano when lifting it onto the dolly.
  • Call three or four healthy and strong individuals for help. Better count on professional long distance piano movers if yours is a concert grand piano or any other heavier piano.
  • Safely wrap your instrument in plastic covers.
  • Secure the plastic covers using a tape.
  • Clear the path before moving the instrument.

Transporting an upright piano

  • Bring a ramp, piano dolly, piano covers and piano straps.
  • The height of the dolly should be at least half of the height of the piano. Position the dolly in front of the piano.
  • There should be one person at each end of the instrument to place the piano safely onto the piano dolly.
  • Use the ramp to move the piano downstairs. Two of the helpers should be in the front to support the piano while moving it downstairs.

Moving it from floor to floor

Here comes the dangerous part of the job. Don’t proceed without planning. Carrying it is the only way to move the piano upstair or downstairs.

Moving the instrument into a van

  • Use a ramp to move the instrument into the vehicle.
  • Make sure that you have enough movers to wheel up the piano safely.
  • Piano in the van should be facing the back wall.
  • Placing a wooden plank under the instrument will protect the legs of piano from trauma.
  • Carefully strap the piano in the van.
  • Be sure that the instrument is not touching any of the walls of the vehicle.
  • Unbelt the instrument on arriving at the destination
  • Carefully mount it on the dolly.

Moving it upstairs is more difficult and dangerous. This step should be well-planned and all helpers have to be careful. That’s why calling professional long distance piano movers is the right thing to do.

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