Gre, Graduate Record exam is always hard to crack if you are not prepared for the test. You can make your preparation firm once you have the right things on mind. Once your preparation is strong, your performance is bound to be great. 70% of your performance on the final day depends on the preparation you did. If you have invested your time, energy and efforts in the preparation; your performance would be much better.

It does not matter if you have joined Gre institutes or you are preparing at home; what matters is the level of your preparation. There are candidates who always invest in their preparation and they have nothing to worry about the final day performance. After all, their preparation gives them the confidence to rock on the final day. No matter what others tell you, once you have prepared well, you always hear that positive inner voice boosting you. You always know where you stand in your preparation. If you have done a lot of preparation, you can perform really well that too without a wrinkle on your forehead.

Vocabulary has a bigger part

It is obvious that you would study vocabulary right?  Here one of the most efficient and prolific ways to form a base vocab level is to make flash cards. It is time to be honest to you.  You must accept that some of this is only memorization, utter and simple. But once you stop at flashcards, you won’t be preparing yourself for this test of GRE. The test is going to ask you to use your vocabulary in terms of the context. Since that is the case, why not study that way?   It is time that you take a pile of ten to twenty cards and make use of each word in a sentence.   Once you make use of the words in a sentence, it would push your vocabulary ahead of memorization.  Since you have made sentences by making use of words, you would end up with the best outcomes. You would get the neck of everything.  What is the point if you have memorised thousands of words and the moment you witness the word in the test on the final day, you get perplexed about its usage? The idea is to use the words in contexts right at the time of preparation and you would never forget the meaning of the vocabulary words no matter how hard they may be.

Don’t take Maths on your nerves

The purpose of Gre is to test your ability to swiftly and accurately examine an abstract problem in a mathematics format. Once you are done then select a technique that supplies an answer.  The key is to make your own strategies to solve the questions and in this way you would be able to cover a huge range of questions and you practice would be effective too. A single strategy would help you solve a huge number of questions.


So, join gre coaching institutes and if needed, don’t hesitate to ask the tutors about the challenges you face during the preparation. Of course, the above given points would bolster you but there is always scope of ignorance.

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