The holidays are great time for the family to be together and unwind after a busy year. For some; however, it is also time to break their good eating habits that they formed during their working years. This is the time to eat and try on new delicious foods in a foreign country.

Some people can easily undo their healthy eating habits in just a few weeks holiday with their family. Their freedom often gets them into trouble with eating when they are in a holiday and as often observed many people who have gone away often gain weight when they get back.

Keep Your Eating Habits the Same

Healthy Eating

When you are at home, it is easier for you to keep a regular schedule on your food intake. Parents can cook for the family and serve them the healthy meals that they need and go to the gym for a regular exercise. However, things will be quite different during your family holiday because this time there is more freedom and time for everyone to do and eat what they want.  Most people would prefer to eat in a restaurant or the meals prepared by the hotel. Parents can still keep the eating habits of their family the same by renting a villa where they can have private facilities, shop in a holiday supermarket and cook their own food.

How You Should Eat

Eating Tips during Your Family Holiday1

During your family holiday to a foreign country, it is important to know the kind of foods that your accommodation can serve before you start booking. Check the breakfast, snacks, meals and drinks available so that you can make plans even before you travel.  Here are tips that might help you.

  • Breakfast – Make sure that your family can take healthy breakfast as possible. Find out if they have whole grain oats or cereals and healthy muesli in the supermarket. Hotel breakfast also offer healthy foods like toast, grilled mushrooms, fruit, cereal and poached eggs. These are the best breakfast that will minimize unwanted gains.

  • Snacks – Eating healthy snacks is one way to reduce your portions during meal time. Serve you family some fresh fruits during mid morning. You can also find fruit stalls during your tour and buy some for your family to nibble on mid-meals.

  • Meals – If your family is eating out regularly during the holiday, choose a good selection of foods that are healthy for your lunch like salad and sandwich bars. During dinner time choose a place that offers low fat international or local cuisines with no calories associated with.

  • Drinks – Although you might not be eating a lot of unhealthy foods on your family holiday but you are drinking too much alcoholic and sugary beverages you can gain weight like you can’t imagine. The best way to avoid gaining weight with unhealthy drinks is to consume in moderation.

While the tips above is very important to maintain good health during your family holiday, regular exercise also plays a very important to make them more effective. When you are in a holiday, it is not necessary to specially go to the gym but by just getting involved in healthy family activities you can increase your metabolism and burn excess fats.

Author Bio: Taylor is an adventurous traveler and writer. He always considers his diet when travelling. Instead of eating in fast foods he goes to a holiday supermarket and cooks his own healthy meal.

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