Improper or incomplete dental hygiene can make you sick. Even when you are keeping a healthy oral hygiene routine, missing or cracked teeth can also cause many problems. It will not only make it a little difficult to chew and speak, it will also affect your appearance and increase the risk of gum disease. That’s why you should not ignore cracked or missing teeth. See a dentist in Cary NC offering family dental care. Crowns and bridges is one of the restorative solutions that can fix the problems caused by damaged or missing teeth. If your tooth structure is fractured or damaged, the dentist will use a crown to restore it. In case one or more than one teeth are missing, the dentist will use a bridge. So, let’s learn more about crown and bridge.


It is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a damaged tooth. It is a manufactured tooth made of porcelain or ceramic. This tooth-shaped cover matches the color and texture of the natural tooth. However, gold alloys can also be used to make a crown. Gold alloys can improve strength. Porcelain is bonded to the exterior of metal crowns to give the strength and looks of a natural tooth.

A dental crown is used when some part of the fractured, weakened or damaged tooth still exists. The dentist files down the tooth to reshape its size. The dentist will look for the signs of decay and remove if there is any. The tooth is restored to support the crown. The crown is then cemented onto the tooth.


This prosthetic appliance takes the place of a tooth missing in one of the jaws. Bridges are made of porcelain to achieve natural look and strength. Porcelain used in making bridges is fused to metal.   

In a bridge, false teeth are attached between two crowns. The dentist prepares teeth on the left and right side of the gap for cementing the bridge into place. Sometimes implants are used to replace missing teeth. A bridge cemented at the place of missing teeth not only looks natural it also works like natural teeth.             

When do you need a crown or bridge?  

Crowns and bridges are used for fixing a variety of dental problems.

A crown is used when a tooth is:

  • weakened due to decay
  • damaged or fractured  
  • severely discolored
  • misshapen
  • A crown is also required when a dental bridge needs an anchor.

A bridge replaces missing teeth. It can also be used when dentures are uncomfortable and unstable.    

Are you a suitable candidate for this procedure?

You need to see a dentist offering family dental care in Cary NC. Explain your dental problem to the dentist and tell the results you want to achieve. The dentist will tell whether you should go for crowns and bridges or some other procedure.

Maintain regular oral hygiene routine. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Floss regularly to avoid decay. Crowns and bridges perfectly look and work like a natural tooth. Find a family dentistry in Cary NC for these procedures.

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