Shaving is part of being a man. Even being able to shave can make you feel more like one. It’s good to know the essentials like what tools to use and what techniques to employ, but real men know more about shaving than your Average Joe. Here are some shaving facts that you might find very interesting.

1) Shaving is an ancient art

Did you know that cave wall paintings depicted scenes of men shaving their beards? The pyramid-building Egyptians were known to trim their facial hair, and Alexander the Great recommended that his troops shave before combat to avoid beard-pulling by the enemy. Considering how itchy beards can get when left ungroomed, it’s not such a surprise that prehistoric man also wanted the comfort of a nice, clean shave. Unfortunately, they were never that clean or close as the only blades available came in the form of shark teeth, sharpened clam shells, or flint knives.

2) A man spends about four months shaving during his lifetime

Most male faces have between 15,000 and 20,000 hairs growing out of them. Some men grow them while developing mobile apps, while others do so playing video games. Regardless of how facial hair is grown, it always has to be trimmed at some point–at least if you plan on being employed in a modern society. Research indicates that nearly 3,000 hours of a guy’s life will be spent shaving. That’s about four months and less time than it would seem for some woolly man-moths.

3) Shaving is mandatory on some college campuses

Dress codes are typical, but beard codes? Now that’s something new. In addition to staying celibate and avoiding drugs and alcohol, Brigham Young University requires all students to keep their faces smooth like a baby’s bottom. This rule has been in place since the ’60s, and it’s not going away any time soon. Looks like the students on this campus need to stock up on Art of Shaving accessories if they want to stay in school.

4) Beard hair is a good replacement for copper wire

It’s not uncommon to hear girlfriends and wives complaining about being stabbed by their significant others’ facial hair. Shaving products company Gillette discovered that a man’s beard hair can be as tough as copper wire when it’s about the same size around. You wouldn’t want to rub your face on copper wire, would you? Chop it off when spending time with your lady.

5) Shaving doesn’t make hair grow out thicker

Contrary to popular belief, shaving more frequently won’t make your hair grow out faster and thicker. By chopping off the little hair that you have, you’re only inhibiting your progress. The best way to get growth is to leave your scruff alone–no matter how awkward it gets.

Many guys see shaving as a chore, but it’s one aspect of a man’s lifestyle. To become more involved in that lifestyle, try to learn as much as you can about shaving. To grow a beard is one thing, but to speak confidently about shaving is another thing that often makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

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