Roof cleaning is the most important part of a roof maintenance program. It’s doesn’t matter if it is the roof of residential property or commercial property. You must prevent it from decaying. If you can’t undertake this responsibility, then find someone offering Seattle roof cleaning services. Prepare yourself for expensive repairs if you are not doing that too. In the worst case scenario, you will have to replace the roof. Hiring professionals are in the best interest of your property and your maintenance budget as well. Regular roof cleaning can add a few more years to the life of the roof. Make the right decision. Hire professional roof cleaning in Seattle:   

Here are the 5 things you should consider:

Considering DIY? Don’t Take It Lightly  

In case you have cleaning products, tools and you are aware of the right roof cleaning methods, you can go for DIY roof cleaning. However, consider the following facts before DIY roof cleaning:


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  • Buy cleaning products from a company that offers preventive solutions as well. There should be clear instructions for using the product.
  • It is not easy to clean a roof. So, set aside a decent number of hours for this job.
  • Don’t do that if you are not aware of the chemicals, rinsing techniques and the entire cleaning procedures. Wrong chemical, technique or procedure can cause some serious damage to the roof.     

Roof Algae Is Not Just an Aesthetic Concern

Algae is unattractive. It’s a living thing. It feeds off on shingles. It will cause the roof to degrade. If you notice algae, it’s time to clean the roof.

Professional Seattle Roof Cleaning is Not Expensive

They charge a fair price. Roof replacement costs a lot more than professional roof cleaning. If you are ignoring it, negligence can cause serious damage and repair cost will be pretty high.

Clean it Even When there is no Sign of Algae

There is hardly any visible sign of algae when it is in its earliest stages of development. If it appears that everything is fine but it has been a while you cleaned the roof, hire professional and clean it.   

Options Available For Cleaning the Roof

Chemical cleaning and pressure washing are the two most popular options available for roof cleaning.   

  • Pressure washing makes use of high-pressure jets of water for removing algae, mold, dirt, and grime.
  • Chemical cleaning is also known as soft cleaning. In this cleaning method, chemicals are used for removing algae, mold, dirt, and grime from the roof.
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