Having a decent pair of shades not only protects your eyes but also provide you with a stylish look. Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be extremely rewarding. You will find a wide range of designer sunglasses for women. Remember, not every pair of sunglasses will look good on everybody. Considering your face shape is one of an ideal way to select sunglasses. To make your search easier, we have provided a few tips that will help you pick the right sunglasses according to your face shape. Let’s discuss in detail!

➤ Oval Face Shape

All those who have oval face shape have a considerable longer face with a rounded jaw. They should avoid looking too smug. The best part of having this face shape is almost every frame goes on such faces. The only advice is to avoid frames with sidestep frames with arms which will further elongate your face.

➤ Square Face Shape

Well, the general rule of buying sunglasses is to choose the shape which is opposite to your face shape. Wondering, why? Doing this can help to create a balance between your look and create a defined look.

For example – people with wide cheekbones and strong jawline add up to a square face. If you have this face shape, then you should go for rounded frames such as aviators styles or clubmasters.

➤ Round Face Shape

The same goes for the round shape people. They should try something opposite to their face shape. Square frame sunglasses will create a defined look and compliment your look. Also, this will make your cheeks appear slimmer. You can choose a style with a strong brow line. Angular sunglasses will give your face an elongated appearance. Ideal key styles are – square frames, wayfarers, clubmasters, and more.

➤ Long/Rectangular Face Shapes

Long face shape somehow gives a sense of balance. If you have this face shape, then you can go with glasses that add width to your long face. You can even go for slightly oversized frames. Wayfarers are a good option, as these will help to maintain the classic shape.

➤ Heart Face Shape

Out of all the face shapes, it is difficult to find sunglasses for heart face shape. Reason? Well, people with the heart face shape have a wide forehead and a narrow chin. You cannot put extra weight to the top half of your face. Most people with this face frame opts for clubmasters or round frames — this help to create a perfect balance to your face.

Top Tips

Apart from the face shape, there are many factors to consider when selecting the sunglasses. Color, detailing, and arm height of the frame are a few of them. So, make sure when buying the sunglasses online, don’t forget to read the details of the frame properly.

When selecting the sunglasses, you also need to look for your hair color and skin tone. Most people also love to have a collection of sunglasses, so they look for different shades of sunglasses. You can either go for classy picks like – black or brown, or go for more color options like – red, pink, blue, and more.

Remember, when choosing the sunglasses, always look for quality. Better lens, better quality, and overall good look can give you an outstanding look. If you are looking for an extensive collection of designer sunglasses, then you can choose Sundae Muse. For any further information, you can browse the official website to get further details. Happy shopping!

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