Today, digital marketing strategy is an absolute given for a business looking to promote itself online. At least that’s what the studies of digital marketing blogs suggest as the question, whether to have a web marketing strategy has long been eclipsed by how to implement one.

Yet, on the ground, most businesses are still skeptical about it.

Thanks to 49% of the marketers, who have no defined strategy despite having active marketing programs. The remaining half is divided between the ones who have a standalone direction (17%) and those who made it an integral part of their marketing strategy (34%).

However, there are a few digital marketing agencies that are working to change this approach. Buzz Interactive is one of them. The digital marketing agency offers its clients a comprehensive digital marketing plan that ticks all the boxes of the consumer’s sales cycle. This means clients won’t just get to invest in pay per click advertisements (PPC), but also web design, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and more.

See how comprehensive digital marketing strategy of Buzz Interactive aided the Gold Brick Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia achieve over $40k in revenue with a 32:1 ROI during Ramadan that is one of the slowest month of the year for businesses.

The Gold Brick Hotel generated $40,121 in new customer revenue from SEO services and $17,000 in new sales with FOUR email newsletters telling new customers about enticing deals. Mind you, these results won’t have been possible without fine-tuning the previous campaigns based on past data.

How Gold Brick Hotel Figured Out the Needs & Wants of Modern Customers?

Not only Gold Brick invested in the right digital marketing channels but also in advanced analytics, revenue attribution, and tracking. This helped the hotel identify and meet the digital needs of modern customers. Plus, it allowed their digital marketing partner to craft a tailored and comprehensive marketing plan that made a solid impact at all touch points.

Thanks to the data-driven, comprehensive marketing plan, Gold Brick Hotel’s leads and sales in the slowest month of the year were at an all-time high, and their overall profitability also skyrocketed.


Before Gold Brick Hotel came to Buzz Interactive, they worked with a digital marketing agency that was focused on metrics like social engagement and search engine rankings rather attributing returns of each marketing channel.

Owing to this lack of advanced analytics and revenue attribution, Gold Brick failed to get a grasp of their ROMI (return on marketing investment). In brief, they didn’t know whether their digital marketing spends even worked.

Of course, they had a basic idea of how their pay per click (PPC) and social media profiles were performing, but they had no clue whether their digital marketing agency’s SEO efforts were paying off or not. The primary focus of their previous marketing agency on was keyword rankings, which didn’t give them a clue about their ROI for the particular channel.

Frustrated by the lack of accountability, data-driven insights and solid numbers that provide actionable insights and prove business growth, Gold Brick decided to find a new digital marketing partner. They wanted to hire someone who has a reputation for revenue attributions and advanced tracking as well as proven SEO and online marketing practices.

Finally, they settled for Buzz Interactive that has earlier developed their website and helped them made their mark in the crowded hotel market. The digital marketing agency met their requirements and proposed an excellent digital marketing plan.


To address their pain points, their digital marketing partner decided to install advanced analytics and tracking onto Gold Brick Hotel’s website to establish a baseline of what the ROI was for their previous campaigns and where their marketing budget was spent.

The second step was to make content and SEO-friendly updates to their website. The digital marketing agency ensured that hotel services and commitment to excellence must also be highlighted. After gathering data and conforming where their leads were coming from, the agency then modified their overall marketing budget.

It helped the digital marketing company determined that Gold Brick Hotel needed to spend more on PPC and SEO and less on other marketing channels such as print ads and radio.

The company also discovered that potential hotel customers were incredibly responsive to certain types of email newsletters, so the agency created comprehensive, multichannel campaigns tied together with PPC, SEO, and email marketing.

When the analytics report was shared with the management it opened their eyes to how they were wasting their marketing budget. The management was also ecstatic to see that the new data-driven campaigns reduced their marketing spend significantly which freed up the parts of their budget to be re-invested into the business.


By converting prospects into leads and boosting sales through SEO, PPC, and improvements in web design, the digital marketing agency was able to increase the ROI on all marketing channels. Within the first six months, Gold Brick witnessed an 8:1 ROI for SEO, with a staggering return of $8 for every $1 they spent.

Thanks to the advanced tracking strategy that accounted for all the channels, Gold Brick finally managed to see where they were investing their marketing dollars. Furthermore, they discard the campaigns that never made them any money.

The email marketing campaign also worked wonders for the hotel. Though the agency had to continuously adjust the email campaign on the basis of previous metrics like click-through-rates, open rates, and leads, it produced smashing results—$17,000 in sales.

All the efforts come to an end in February 2018. Thanks to incessant tweaking and fine-tuning campaigns, Gold Brick witnessed the highest gains (over 300% increase in revenue) they’ve ever had in Ramadan that is usually their slowest month.

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