Are you planning to buy a new bong for yourself? You can hardly find a stoner who is not on the outlook for a new bong. If you are one of those whose piece is broken, or if you are bored with cleaning it, or got some extra bucks to spend, or if you wish to upgrade your old pipe and reach the new level of high then you are probably serious about buying a new bong. On the offset that you are perfectly happy with your current piece then you can use your bong with other accessories to enhance your pleasure.

Forget about the chillums, pipes, steamrollers, and vaporizers that are commonly used for smoking. You need to acknowledge that shopping for old-school bongs can be an overwhelming task. These days there are plenty of varieties to choose from that include acrylic, glass, plastic, ceramic, and wood. Without any tinge of doubt, glass is the classic material for bongs whose magnificence is hard to ignore.

Whereas plastic bongs are cheapest but effective, ceramic bongs are available in beautiful and fun-filled designs, while bamboo bongs are known for its durability and style. Buying a bong is a matter of personal preference yet if you try to gain sufficient knowledge on the bongs that are available in the market then it may take years of experience and exposure.

The first question that you need to ask is what will this old school bong be used for? Sure enough, we all know the answer. To be more precise, what will be the environment in which it will dwell? Will you use it thrice a day or once in a week? Are you going to use it for personal use or pass it around while chilling out in a group?  Will you take it on outings? Do you have concerns about technicalities? How comfortable are you with the frequency of cleaning? You need to introspect on these factors before making the final call.

If this is the first time that you are purchasing an old school bong, you need to be aware of your lungs capacity. Try to stay away from bongs that have several percs or the one that is tall and slender making it difficult to clean. While using your bong make sure to fill the chamber with smoke in its totality else you are underutilizing its potential. On the other hand, if you are unable to clean the chamber with one swipe, you will experience an unpleasing smoke that may taste stale on the second hit.

The measurements of the mouthpiece and chamber are crucial for determining the quality of bong smoke. Remember that old school bongs that change diameter along the length of the chamber are challenging to clean.  Especially, if the bongs are narrow on top. A mouthpiece or chamber that is too wide is not desirable either because it may adversely affect the control of your hit. Hence, you have to be sure that you can comfortably deal with the bong that you intend to buy.              

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