Everybody has healthcare on their minds, the users for the sake of their health, and investors for making a profit. There is nothing wrong in investing in a company that shows good growth. That company will benefit from the influx of money and this investor will stand to expand his business empire. So, there we have a new breed of merchandisers who offer to connect you with businesses across the globe, truly world-class commercial ventures that can make money for you.

Find a doctor near you

This healthcare sector is becoming competitive but due to its diversity, everyone has a fair chance of profiting. Among the top Health care companies in US,  One Medical gives technology-enabled primary care. They help you find a doctor near you. You can use your phone or email to book your appointments with doctors or get care. They have over 50 locations spread throughout the country. You get on-site lab tests and same day appointments that helps you save time and effort. They have received $532 million in funding so far.

Tempus is an upcoming healthcare firm involved in giving personalised cancer care to patients. It uses machine-learning and analytical platforms to reach out to patients in need of care. Their operating system to battle cancer helps patients get genomic sequence along with analysis of molecular data. They have received $320 million in funding so far. Apart from personal genomics, they also do drug development.

Healthcare for older people

For older people, Triple care is a wonderful medical care service that brings trained physicians to the bedside of the patient. They use advanced technology so that the patients may receive timely intervention that anticipates change of condition of the patient. This telemedicine based health care along with skilled nursing facilities is a boon for those ailing from some medical condition. One may prevent preventable readmissions  by this treating in place facility. All the physicians are board-certified. They have received $5 million in funding so far. Among the top healthcare companies, this figures as one of the top recently funded Health care in US.

For people that need to consolidate all their health care services in one place, Sharecare provides the answer. Using this platform, people can compile a health profile and connect to the evidence based programs. They get information about their ailment and about the treatment facilities possible. The health professionals can connect directly to the patients.

Good access to facilities

Patients therefore get access to clinical protocols and frictionless technologies improving the quality of their healthcare. Sharecare links provides and employers and gives them coaching tools to understand the system better. They have received $380 million in funding so far. In this, we see a combination of mobile marketing and digital health.

MedCity News caters to an online healthcare community and serves as an interactive spot for those wishing to get the latest news from healthcare innovations and venture capital investments. You get the breaking news on all the analysis and breakthroughs in the field of medicine. It covers important policies and personalities. It has received $560k in funding to date.

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