Here at TheDailySesh we sell smoke pipes, bongs, dab ribs and bubblers, all designed for consuming legal herbs. In the most basic sense a smoke pipe is any kind of apparatus which filters the smoke through water (and ice, which many people add for the cooling effect). Smoke pipes come in many shapes, sizes and styles. These days most smoke pipes feature some form of percolation as well, which helps to further filter the smoke for a cleaner, smoother smoking experience.

According to this informative article there are many benefits to using a smoking pipe. Here are a few of these benefits:

Beginner Friendly: For new smokers, a beaker bong is one of the best ways to get started. The bubbles made by the pipe during inhalation make the experience easier on the throat in comparison to smoking a rolled cigarette. because it needs a lot of shallower breaths beginners can find smoke pipes easier to use.

Smoother Smoke: For a lot of people, this can be quite an important detail and also the reason why a lot of smokers switch to using a smoke pipe. It’s much less irritating on the throat and the water will exterminate any bacteria that may linger in the smoke. The inhalation process is cleaner and a lot of refreshing due to the cooling sensation provided by the water.

A Healthier Choice: When used in moderation with legal herbs smoke pipes actually help filter out some of the tar and toxins. Much of this gets ‘captured’ in the water during the filtration process, and this is why smoke pipes that feature several types of percolation are often preferred. This filtering is also why smoke pipe owners need to clean and maintain their glass pieces with regularity.

Artistic Value: These days’ glass smoke pipes tend to be works of art. The smoke pipes we sell are all blown by noted glass makers, and the resulting pieces are sleek and impressive looking. Whether you prefer the minimal symmetry of scientific glass or the more psychedelic charms of a heady piece, custom glass pipes are stunning pieces that look beautiful when displayed in your home.

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