Looking for a Studio? Here is Our Guide to the Cheapest and the Most Expensive Studios in Dubai


Many people continue to ask themselves whether to build an asset to achieve a comfortable life in Dubai. This question arises following the continued opening of Dubai real estate opportunities for a vast cross-section of individuals. For a growing and young professionals in the country, living and working in Dubai, the answer to this problem seems to be a big no, brainer as smaller ticket units continue to gain interest in the demographic here.

For those residents who are looking to build an asset in Dubai and are lacking the actual means of buying larger sized apartments, living in a studio would be the best choice. On the contrary, the demand for these studios in Dubai has suddenly risen, and many people are looking to acquire the same.

As such, most developers have resorted to the dealing in such studios due to the current high ROI. It is due to this reason that smart home compare sees it wise to avail to you the studios from the cheapest to the most expensive. This will ease your choice of a studio in which to live. Some of the selected studios include:


  1. Belgravia Square by Ellington fancy studios: This studio, which is located in Jumeirah Village circle part of Dubai, is one of the cheapest studios in the country. At 750,000AED per year, this property suits the needs of every person who would want to live in Dubai. It covers an area of 550 square feet and provides a very spacious room for living. It has a ROI percentage of 8.5%.


  1. Center of Dubai apartments: This studio is located in Jumeirah village circle and covers an area of 422 square feet. This studio can be rented for 756,828 as of now.

At this price, the resident of this studio will enjoy human-friendly services as well as smooth furnishing with which it is fitted. It has a high gross yield of 8.5%

  1. Excellent returns studios: This studio found in Dubai’s JVC occupies an area of 450 square feet. The studio goes for 705,854 AED, meaning it is a cheaper studio that will give a good ROI of 8.5 % when bought.
  1. JVC the waves: As most of the communities in Dubai have suitable studios to live in, this luxurious studio is still found in JVC. The property covers an area of over 734 Sq. Ft and provides ample space for living. Rented at the cost of 684,000, this property is moderately affordable and has a high ROI of 8%.
  1. The DAMAC majestine: This studio is located in the business bay, one of the most affluent communities in Dubai today. It sits on 450 square feet of land. It is currently sold at 65,000, making it a little bit expensive to live in. However, this property is a perfect one for people with moderately high income rate. It has a high ROI rate of 8.0%
  1. The central park residential tower:  As the name suggests, this studio is found at the central park in Dubai. It sits on a significant area of over 730 square feet and is currently rented at 75,000 AED giving a ROI rate of over 8.5%
  1. The Burj Khalifa: This is one of the most expensive and luxurious studios in Dubai. It is found in Downtown Dubai and covers an area of 550 square feet. The studio goes for 92500 per year as rent. It attracts a ROI of 7%.


With the increase in the supply of studios in Dubai, the above properties showcase the typical range within which studios lie. Therefore, if you are looking for a studio, the list would be of great essence, to begin with. It will also give you an insight into what is required of you before renting a studio in the country.

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