Among the main features of this type of racks is the one that provides direct access to the loads, which contributes to make the loading and unloading tasks much simpler and faster, and makes them an excellent option for the storage of loads of rotation, whether stowed in pallets, containers or containers.

If you want to know more about this storage solution, we invite you to continue reading this new blog post from Kristar, because this time we will present the general characteristics of our Mobile Storage Systems.

The selective racks Kristar are an excellent solution for storages where palletizing products, either on pallets or containers, and have easy access to them to perform the tasks of loading and unloading is required. The main advantage of this type of racks is that they allow access to each palletization reference, without the need to displace the others, and its great versatility to adapt to all types of cargo regardless of weight or volume. This is why they are a highly recommended option in environments where perfect stock control is required.

The way in which a selective rack is distributed can be done in side racks of a single access and central racks of double access, whose height and separation between shelves is defined from the characteristics of the warehouse and of the means of maintenance. In environments where maximum use of space is required, the double bottom installation is the best option since it allows the storage of more platforms when placed one in front of another on each side of the corridor. In systems installed with a double bottom, the pallets can be accessed directly, but it is necessary to use double bottom lifting machines to perform the maneuvering tasks safely and without setbacks. As already mentioned, the height and clearances of corridors depend on the characteristics,

The selective rack can be used with pallets or containers and among the most commonly used are GMA pallets, europal type, chep type and metal containers. For the manipulation of these storage elements it is necessary to identify the narrowest side to support it in the support beams perpendicularly, except when picking tasks are carried out, in which case the manipulation by the widest side and the Support or support beams to facilitate tasks.

The constituent elements of this storage system are the frames, conformed by a pair of points with diagonals, feet and accessories with corresponding grooves to be assembled with the beams, leveling plates and anchors. The bottom of the frames is determined by the dimensions of the platform, while the height between the levels is calculated from the sum of the height of the beam and the clearance with the height of the platform including the load.

On the other hand, the beams in a storage system of this type, which are the parts where the loads are placed, are joined to the punctual ones either by means of pistons or connectors that fit in the grooves of the punctual. This means that it is not necessary to use additional fixing accessories, the connectors are included and are part of the patented connection system, which in addition to providing greater stability and security to the rack, increases its load capacity and prevents it from deforming.

Each beam includes two safety connectors and presents some differences depending on whether it is a regular beam or a beam for large loads. There are also beams for picking, with profiles in the form of Z with a connector, suitable for placing shelves used for the storage of loose goods. As security safety pistons are placed, which prevent the movement in the beams in case of a vertical blow, and are placed in each connector, and joins of frames to join the double racks and provide them more stability.

As for the shelves that are used with this type of racks, there are different types to adapt to any type of need; among the most common are the galvanized picking panels, which are used with picking beams, which are fitted together with eyelashes; agglomerated wood panels, which can be used with wooden crosspieces for regular loads: agglomerated wood panels for heavy loads; shelves with electro welded mesh that must be supported on crossbars to give greater rigidity. In addition, as already mentioned, there are some protection accessories, for punctual-frame, for punctual corners, for laterals and as punctual reinforcement.

When palletizing is going to be done in containers with legs, it is necessary to place additional accessories, such as a container support with stop. In the case of storage of cylinders and drums, it is necessary to place supports of two L-shaped profiles, which form a rectangle that fits into the beams to correctly locate the cylinders, while with the drums and a front support in each V-shaped beam gives you the support and support required. If coils need to be stored, a front and side system with complementary accessories is installed, such as a support shaft and cones, a side coil support and a front coil support. Finally, complementary elements such as positioning profiles, platform stops and protective meshes.

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