If you want to make your house look really pretty then flowers are the way to go. But buying real flowers and maintaining them can be very difficult. You need to change them whenever they get old and then water them to keep fresh. All these problems can vanish if you use artificial flowers. Artificial flowers are easy to maintain and look as great as real flowers. Obviously there will be a difference between the real and the fake deal, but it isn’t that obvious.

Also when it comes to real flowers, you have to pay a high price for a very short life expectancy. While you can buy cheap artificial flowers online India. Watching those costly flowers you bought wilt away in five days can really be depressing. So instead you can choose to decorate your house using artificial flowers. There are many ways in which you can decorate your house using them to bring out their charm. Some of the ideas are listed below.


Flowers used to decorate the centre of your dining table or any other table really add a glamorous look. For tea tables you can use short vases and put flowers with short stems on it. But a tall vase can be used in case of a big dining table which is used for every family dinner. Flowers in subtle tones can be used when you are going for a centrepiece.

Floral arrangement

Just as people do with real flowers, you can have your fake flowers arranged too. Just buy a variety of artificial flowers and follow any simple floral arrangement technique. The process isn’t that difficult at all. Arrange the different flowers in a mannered way and then place the floral arrangement in a perfect spot to make your house look great.

Table runner

Making a table runner is a great way of decorating your house. Just get a mixture of faux greenery and flowers and make a beautiful cascading floral table runner. Other than being a great floral decoration for the home, this can also be used as a wedding decoration.

Coffee filter

This is one very elegant decoration which is bound to increase the charm of your house. This project is as simple as it elegant and it looks great as a dainty vase on a bedside table. These flowers can be made easily with the help of coffee filters.


Sand can be used as a great combination with artificial flowers to give a warm and beachy feel to your house. You just need to get a small glass vase or even a bowl and fill it with sand. Add colourful flowers on top of the sand to make a pretty decoration for your coffee tables or even your kitchen countertop.

There are many other ways you can decorate your house using artificial flowers. Just order artificial flowers online and get creative. You can make your home a much beautiful place to live in with a little bit of creativity and effort and a lot of artificial flowers.

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