There have been studies that show that internally lit signage is much more visible from a longer distance than that of the signage that is lit externally. It is simply because of the colors that appear brighter and text is extremely legible.  It is an effect that is especially advantageous in locations having dimmer ambient lighting, like gaming events or even events like technology events. 

You know your backbit elements are going to stick out such as inspirations and fascinate attention to your exhibition like:

  • Images or graphics and text increase value and maintain concentration on your branding and message.
  • Generate a modern, advanced aesthetic as compared to that of standard lit displays.
  • Stand out amidst your competitors by underlining what is most vital.
  • You can even enhance attention to your brand by a great percent.

Important points to know about back lighting before you include it in your exhibit

Well, you can get professional assistance of experts like Backlit signs manufacturer Naperville IL but you would have to know what you can do with this lighting. If you don’t know what it can do for your business or space then you are certainly missing out on something.  There are some important things to consider before you finalize anything. Have a look below:

The temperature of the light

Whether you believe it or not, a light’s color is measured in temperature and color temperatures more than five thousand K are called “cool color” (blue-white), while talking about the lower color temperatures (2700 – 3000 K) these are known as  “warm color” (yellow-white via red). The color you make use of in back lighting can decide the color your text and image will appear, hence, the most optimal shade temperature is nearly 6000 K (neutral white). It is the shade that would give your backbit graphics the most “true” shades.

Make sure there is proper display

You want the display to be just as secure as it is attractive. You have to make sure that your back lighting is up to code by taking or ordering your lighting from a dependable supplier (these professionals will make sure that all the lighting is up to standard).

Be careful about the shadows too

High-quality back lighting are the ones that would ensure that any shadows from the internal lighting are negligible on the rest of your exhibit.  The point is that in case you want to flaunt the design of your exhibit while effectively communicating the branding and messaging, you must talk to the professionals about it. They will help you with what you want and how much you want. You can always choose what you want but it is always better to know what is needed and hwy.


So, it is time that you talk to professionals like backlit signs manufacturer and get the things done properly. After all, these small but powerful aspects can do wonders for you.

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