YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular platform for video sharing. If you are a video creator or a vlogger, you can make a lot of money on this platform by sharing your videos and vlogs and giving permission for running different ads provided by Google.

It is not easy to get advertisements for your video channel. Your channel will be able to demand ads only if your channel is popular among the audiences. That is where the real challenge lies. The initial days can be very difficult. You have to continually make videos and gain subscribers to help your channel grow. It is easy to lose hope when it all seems uphill. To be able to get success in this field, you need to take into account a few things to make the path easier for your vlogging channel.

1. Your Equipment Is Important

Getting access to good equipment is very important. You will need to upgrade to a good camera and a good microphone.

  • The camera should have a resolution in the range of 720p – 1080p for your audience to enjoy the videos created by you.
  • The contribution of your microphone to a good quality video is just as much important as the camera and hence it is crucial how you choose one.
  • Over and above these, you will need to come up with a good subject for the videos.

2. Your Channel Is Your Brand

The branding for your channel leaves an imprint on the visitor’s mind and a long-lasting perception is created. If the first impression created by your brand is negative, it will be very difficult to change it to positive. Some suggested pointers for your channel branding that can create a strong bonding with the viewers are:

  • Your channel should have a unique and high-quality logo.
  • The layout should be in accordance with your channel theme and the name.
  • Add a watermark of your logo in the branding section.
  • Verify your channel with your mobile number.
  • Visit the “Upload Defaults” and set your video presets before uploading any videos.

3. Get Creative with Titles and Descriptions

Your vlog and its presence in the top rankings in YouTube SEO depend a lot on its title and description. You need to ensure that both these elements are effective at creating a great first impression on the viewer. You can apply the following to make an impact on the title and description.

  • Do not keep the description very short. Pen down a minimum of 60-80 words describing your channel and its purpose.
  • Think of attractive titles for your videos.
  • Keep the keyword in focus when deciding the title.
  • You can try and get more subscribers by pasting your YouTube link to the video in the description itself.

4. Use Thumbnails to Create Impact

The thumbnail is the representative of your video. If that cannot impress, the video is not expected to. Even an excellent video could miss out on the viewership on account of the bad quality of its thumbnail. You can get good quality thumbnail if you follow these tips:

  • Present your theme in the thumbnail in detail.
  • Use an attractive font for the title in the thumbnail.
  • Keep it simple, beautiful and authentic. Any misleading image could lead to the video getting banned.

5. Stick to a Schedule

A regular schedule, even if spaced out, is better than having a random schedule. It adds credibility to the channel. Consistency is important to succeed if you wish to remain among the top rankers in SEO. Your consistent efforts are acknowledged by YouTube and result in better rankings of your channel.


These are the tips and tricks you can apply to your channel to increase its visibility and viewership. Other than these, you will require propaganda for the same. Social media is a very useful tool for marketing and should be fully utilized. Having a social media profile of your channel will surely direct traffic to your channel and encourage subscription. A digital marketing company in Chennai can help you create great profiles for your channel for maximum reach. So, get started with creating a fresh stock of videos.

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