In our Indian culture, it is necessary to have mehndi on bride’s hand during wedding ceremonies. It is not considered auspicious if a bride has her hands and feet without mehndi. It is the custom that every bride has to pay obeisance to. Indian culture is filled with wedding ceremonies and we can’t tell you how many they are exactly. Although having mehndi designs on hands and feet have become a trend in India. Many girls you can see flaunting their hands covered with mehndi designs whether there is a wedding or not. Nowadays it doesn’t matter. You can have them whenever you want.

Though for your wedding if you are browsing through the internet for beautiful mehndi designs and yet haven’t found any, then we bring you some best of them and you can select any one of them which you like. The same style you can try for hands and feet but we advise you to choose different designs for both.

Beautiful Mehndi designs you can try for your wedding:

Though mehndi designs cannot be categorized yet there are three sorts of: Indian, Arabic, and Modern. Indian mehndi designs are dense and intricate ones while on the other hand, Arabic mehndi designs are simple, quick to draw and look classy as Indian. In Modern mehndi design, anything can be included which can be designed by mehndi cones. And nowadays Modern design is more trending because you can have anything it whatever you like. It is a mixture of all.

Mandala mehndi designs: Mandala mehndi designs are like mandala paintings that represent various perspectives. You can choose according to yourself which one you like. Every mandala represents a different aspect of life and tells a different story. So which story you want to convey through your mandala mehndi designs you can choose. They are also said to attract the energy whose they represent.

Mandala beautiful mehndi designs

Cartoon mehndi designs: in cartoon mehndi designs you can choose your favorite cartoon and get it drawn on your hands and feet telling a story whatever you want to tell it through. These designs are trending and liked by many. So many different cartoon characters you can choose.

Cartoon mehndi designs

Flower mehndi designs: these designs are the most common designs and so many variations you can find in it. Simple and intricate, your choice.

Telling your story by characters mehndi designs: it looks so interesting if you tell your best moments of love story through mehndi designs by the representation of a boy and a girl characters. For this sort of design, you need to hire an experienced mehndi designer who can do these types of designs quickly. Because they take time and you know that whole time cannot be spent on drawing mehndi on your hands.

Telling your story by characters mehndi designs

Pattern mehndi designs: these mehndi designs are beautiful patterns of nature and motifs and various others. These are also the most common mehndi designs that can be found on Indian brides’ hands. Patterns can relate to any regional painting representing a certain culture or things. In regional paintings of Rajasthan, these patterns can often be seen.

Pattern mehndi designs

Above mentioned mehndi designs are the popular ones among brides. If you are also soon going to be a bride, you can choose from it whatever you like. Even though there are no fixed numbers for it. If you are creative you can customize your mehndi designs and have them on your hands and feet.

In Indian culture, it is a popular talk as it has been being told for ages that if your mehndi goes darker and dense in color after drying, then it means that your husband loves you much and dearly. And we hope that all brides’ mehndi may go darker and dense.

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