Did you find your dream home? Reality check first. The real world is different from the world you imagine. After walking into some of the best 4 bedroom houses in Irvine, you finally discovered the right property and felt that your search was over. This property qualifies as your dream home. If you bought a house in Irvine, the chances are it will be perfect for the climate.

However, some questions to ask about most homes are, is it maintainable? Crawl space is often ignored in new build homes, and some don’t need them.

It is a hollow area between the first floor and the ground. Usually, it is 2 to 3 feet high.

This space contains wiring, plumbing, air conditioning and heater, ductwork and other “guts” of the house. However, there are some drawbacks of having a crawl space. Let’s see both benefits and disadvantages of having a crawl space.    

This makes the “guts” of the house accessible. You have some issue like leaking pipes, you can quickly fix these issues if you have a crawl space. A crawl space costs less than a basement. You should avoid making a basement if your new house is in some damp locations experiencing a lot of rain. Basements in some countries are also prone to termites. Go for a crawl space if you are buying or constructing your new home in coastal areas or other areas with high moisture content. High moisture in these areas can build pressure and lead to cracks in the basement.      

A crawl space makes it easy to maintain the property. However, it is essential to make sure that the crawl space is ventilated. This is necessary to protect the structural integrity of the property. Otherwise, your house will fall victim to the “stack effect”. This effect is a process in which moisture from the ground moves up into the house through the crack in the floor.

Excess moisture in the crawl space can lead to the growth of fungi, mold, termites and even rodents. You can install an exhaust fan to move air to the outside. You will have to install a vent as well that will pump in air from the HVAC system. So, before you look for new build homes in Falkirk, learn about the climate and the type of soil. Both factors play an essential role in determining whether you should have a crawl space or a basement. The good news is most houses in Falkirk are already equipped with exact the crawl space require for the build type of the home.

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