Introduction to clothes:

  1. Clothes are items or materials that; are worn by people to cover their bodies. In olden times, the early man used to tie leaves on their bodies just to protect their body and hair from different types of weather.
  2. Later on, they started hunting animals to cover their bodies with their skin. Slowly and slowly, in the period of modernization different types of clothes are invented.

What are textile fibres? Cotton, Cellulosic man-made fiber, synthetic man-made fiber, wool, silk etc. these are the different types of textile fibres

People can easily buy modest Islamic women’s clothing, Hindu men’s clothing from different online websites. There are so many sites that deal with online shopping with cheap and easy prices.

What is the purpose and importance of wearing clothes? There are so many reasons that say people should wear clothes. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

Clothes are worn by people to protect their bodies and to make their body look attractive. Some reasons are physical people wear clothes for their safety and comfort. There are so many reasons to wear clothes. Let’s discuss the reasons:


Clothes provide protection to people from different types of weather and environment. Clothes are the materials that help out bodies to maintain perfect temperature in different types of weather conditions.

For example, people wear silk and wool clothes in winter season just to make their bodies warm in the cold weather whereas people wear cotton clothes in summer so that they do not get a sunburn and therefore, cotton clothes help the air to pass to through them easily so that the person does not feel hot.

This is the first reason that; says protection is provided to the body after wearing clothes.


Clothes provide safety to people clothes are the items that help people in protecting their bodies from getting injured or skin burn.

There are so many specialized clothes also that protect people from hazardous conditions. For example, fire-suits are there to protect the body of people from any kind of bomb explosion. Therefore, this is the other reason for wearing clothes.


Modesty is referred to like the clothes that make people comfortable but a different group of people have a different standard of modesty.

For example, women wear fancy clothes at a party but it would be not acceptable at work. People can easily buy modest Islamic women clothing online.


There are so many clothes that; are used by people for sanitation purposes. For example, gloves, face mask, coat etc. are used by doctors for their own sanitation.

People suffering from a cough or cold can use a face mask for their sanitation. This is the other reason that says using clothes is very much important to maintain our own health and hygiene.

These are the reasons that say wearing up of clothes is important.

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