A business card is an indispensable tool for all people engaged in businesses. Business owners and their employees carry one in case they meet someone interested in their products or services. Just like any other tool, there is a standard business card size to maintain uniformity.

The standard business card size allows the document to show different information about the bearer’s business contacts. The back of the card can also include other information as well as serve as advertising for the business. A business card can easily be carried in a wallet or card holder.

Standard Business Card Size

If you search “what is the standard business card size”, the answer depends on which part of the globe you are conducting your business. There is really no standard for the dimensions of a business card. They are made to share the dimensions of other cards found in the wallet so that it can be easier to store them.

In the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, and Slovenia, the standard business card size is 85 mm x 55 mm. In Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Taiwan, Vietnam, Colombia, India, and Norway, the standard is 90 mm x 55 mm. Japan’s standard size is 91 mm x 55 mm. United States and Canada use 3.5 inches x 2 inches or 88.9 mm x 50.8 mm. Some countries use 90 mm by 50 mm.

The information in a business card includes the company name, person’s name and title, email address, website URL, phone numbers and fax number. The design of the business card must suit the profession or industry of the bearer. For a UK standard business card size, it is advisable to use 12 point type for the company name and 7 to 8 point type for the address and phone number. The name of the bearer must be one point bigger than the address and in bold. The title of the individual must be the same font size as the address and phone number. These are not standard sizes, and it is up to the designer to choose the right typefaces.

When sending up a design to the printer, the design must have an extra 3 mm along the perimeter. For a UK standard business card size, that means the design must be at 91 mm x 61 mm. This is called bleed and it is cut off so that the final card will have a crisp edge.

Hopefully, the article has already answered your question, what is the standard business card size. The standard size depends on where you are conducting your business. The size doesn’t matter as long as the card fits inside a wallet or card holder.

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