When you are told you need to be part of a brain surgery it does strike a degree of fear at the back of your mind. At a certain point of time it was rated to be one of the most frightful events that could occur in the life of an individual. The treatment of this type of cancer is very difficult due to the polyclonity, the size along with location of tumours have a certain degree of say. With technology improving and considerable understanding of the concept of brain tumours, patients can look up to his surgery with a degree of hope and a sense of confidence. Brain tumour surgery cost in India stands out to be the lowest in the world till date. The doctors in this part of the world rely on the use of modern methods and technology to cure cancer.

Definition of brain cancer?

Brain cancer emerges when an abnormal growth of cells is witnessed in the brain. The cancer does emerge due to abnormal growth of cells. Brain cancer does try to emerge from the primary type of brain cells and this could be in the form of membranes or blood cells. There are chances that the growth cells would have spread from other parts of the body to the blood stream. The malignant tumours are the ones that grow and spread in an aggressive manner. They tend to overpower the healthy cells occupying their space, nutrients along with blood.

The preparations related to brain surgery?

Pretty much on the lines of best neurosurgery in India you need to have a positive attitude towards this surgery. The involvement, type, extent of the tumour along with surgical skills has significant on the outcome of the surgery. If you are prepared on what to expect during the course of surgery you are well equipped to deal with situations. At the same time be aware of a lengthy process of recovery with positive results

  • To remove a cancer tumour you might need the expertise of skilled neurosurgeons that are trained in the art of removing tumours without causing a lot of damage to the surrounding tissue as far as possible. This does pose a significant challenge if the tumour appears to be a malignant one.
  • If the surgery arises to remove a benign tumour it does solve the problem without the need for any further form of treatment. These tumours are life threatening and require additional treatment measures in the form of radiation.
  • The only way to figure out whether a tumour is benign or malignant is through the medium of brain surgery. Sometime examination under a microscope is the only way to confirm the diagnosis.
  • With brain tumour surgery it might be necessary to clarify the extent of the tumour. It does pose a significant challenge to confirm the diagnosis in certain cases.
  • You might be given access to brain tumours through surgery via the option of radiation pellets. There are some tumours that cannot be operated and the only way you can treat them is via radiation.

The various procedures in relation to brain surgery

In case if you are healthy enough to tolerate it brain tumour surgery appears to be the most viable option to cure it. Though the onus of the surgery would depend upon the type and extend of the tumour. This is based on the tests along with clinical findings. The aim of the surgery would be to remove the tumour but in some types of surgeries the tumour are intact after a surgery. Studies have gone on to provide that better resection has to result in positive outcomes. If only a small portion of the tumour has to be removed the surgeons advocate the method of biopsy. Let us now explore some of the methods of treatment.

  • Biopsy- a small sample is taken for surgical purposes. The doctor then goes on to examine it for an accurate diagnosis. Through the skull the surgeon goes on to make a small hole and after that a sample of the tissue is being removed. The decision to opt for a biopsy is dependent upon the medical team
  • Craniotomy- this means cutting on to the head. All the conventional surgeries take place by this method and an opening is made so that it is near to the tumour. The skin that is part of the scalp is shaved and then you go on to make an incision. The tumour will be exposed and kept away from the normal portion of the brain. The entire course of surgery will take a few hours.

Always opt for the best hospital for brain tumour surgery in India as it stands to be a complex form of surgery. The country does reveal a positive outcome to all international patients who are on the lookout for low cost brain tumour surgery in India. In addition you can expect the best of facilities and the quality is something to be admired. Most of the hospitals have zero waiting lists.

The most operative care after the surgery

The bandages that are found on the surgical wound needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. When you remove the staples the scalps has to be kept dry. To improve coordination along with strength a patient might be required to opt for certain therapies. The hair on the scalp can be washed a couple of weeks once the surgery is over. Do avoid any hair related products at this point of time. Patients are normally advised not to travel by flights as the cabin pressure may have some impact on the brain. The consultation of the doctor is necessary if the patient is planning to resume their job. There are some high intensive sports like hockey that needs to be avoiding for close to a year once the surgery is over. Do keep away from alcohol as it could lead to seizures.

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