Bikaner may be a colorful desert city famed for its classic desert outpost look, grand ancient forts et al. Since it’s rarely capsulate by touristry components, you’ll be able to fancy a hustle-free vacation here. Among the numerous components of Bikaner, an artiodactyl mammal is a crucial one. Camels weren’t simply a transportation within the desert regions of the planet. it had been additional of a basis of living, a standing image and even the embodiment of trade and finance of the desert space. it’s quite common among locals to trade camels and camel-based components to alternatives in exchange of cash or other product. Being a prominent part of India tours Rajasthan is listed among the favorite places of travelers.

Add a grand quantity of amusement and cultural activities to it; you get yourself, the enduring Bikaner Camel Festival. Every year, thousands of locals be a part of to trade camels and share cultural activities in Bikaner. each second of this pageant is devoted to the hunchbacked ship of the desert. This pageant is formally organized by the govt. to push touristry, which might with success categorical the heritage and culture of the land. does one wish to witness the wholesome glory of the desert region? it’s time to pack your things for the Bikaner Camel Festival.

Dates of Bikaner Camel Festival

In 2019, Bikaner Camel Festival is going to be celebrated on 12th and 13th January.

History of Bikaner Camel Fair

It is over simply a trade pageant. it’s the local’s manner of paying tribute to the animals, while not that they wouldn’t have survived the severe desert environmental condition. This pageant is widely known in several regions of Rajasthan. However, solely a couple of ar quite famed and one amongst them is that the artiodactyl mammal pageant of Bikaner. throughout the sooner times, the complete bread and butter of the state trusted camels. Bikaner was the sole artiodactyl mammal breeding region, within the precedent days. Thus, locals herald their oxen to the breeding region, every year. does one understand that the camels, that were bred and trained during this region, were registered within the army of the country? there’s still AN unearned regiment within the army for the braveness exhibited by the camels within the time of want. Rajasthan Tour Packages are actually incomplete without visiting this beautiful place.

How to Celebrate Bikaner Camel Festival?

Yes, you’ll be seeing several camels throughout this pageant. it’s not around a bunch of camels noticed close to an artifact tent. This spectacular event takes place against the scenery of the mighty Junagarh Fort. except for the artiodactyl mammal commercialism method and breeding choice, the locals place up to several cultural activities, for the most purpose of attracting traders and merchants from so much and close to.

While the complete daytime is spent on activities and commercialism, the complete crowd gets exhausted by sunset. because the sun sets, the commercialism grounds become AN outdoor theater. you’ll be able to realize dance and music performances by the native folks’ teams. except for these and alternative cultural performances, you can realize fascinating fireworks, which might illuminate the night desert sky. Some tend to remain the night in tiny camps, whereas others chase away to close motels.

Things to try to in Bikaner Camel Festival

Everyone would counsel you to undertake the artiodactyl mammal pageant 1st. except this, there are varied alternative activities to fancy in Bikaner like,

  • Sightseeing to explore ancient forts, royal palaces et al.
    There is a protracted list of museums within the town to fancy the heritage and history of the land.
  • Stay in luxury hotels like Laxmi Niwas Palace to fancy a royal vacation.
  • Try artiodactyl mammal campaign through the villages of Rajasthan to fancy the native lifestyle.
  • Try tasting delicacies build with artiodactyl mammal milk like artiodactyl mammal milk frozen dessert, artiodactyl mammal milk tea et al.
  • Take a journey tour of the faith and Hindu temples in and around Bikaner.
  • Shop at the native bazaars for pottery, handicrafts, textiles, trinkets et al.

Places to go to close to Bikaner

Deshnoke – 31 km away from Bikaner

Nagaur – 114 km away from Bikaner

Khimsar – 155 km away from Bikaner

Salasar – 179 km away from Bikaner

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