Do not be intimidated by the fact that Houston is the most populous city in Texas. If you only have 24 hours here, you can enjoy a unique experience that you will not find anywhere else. Located in Southeast Texas, this metropolis offers something for everyone, whether you visit it for its music, food or the undeniable stamp of Texas. Below you will find five activities to do and attractions to visit to get the most out of your trip.

Go shopping at a record store

The culture of Houston is steeped in music. The city has a very large amount of blues history, so why not take a part of that with you? If you collect vinyl, shopping at record stores is a very good activity to do in Houston. Visit Sig’s Lagoon, Cactus Music or Vinal Edge to meet your album needs. Happy hunting!

Stroll the Buffalo Bayou Park

Do you like the outdoors and explore natural beauty? The Buffalo Bayou Park (Buffalo Bayou Park) of Houston is the perfect place to stretch and stroll through downtown Houston. This park takes you through wildlife conservation areas, bike routes, a pet park, a beautiful pavilion on which you can see the urban skyline of Houston, and even a lake! And because the park is in the middle of the city, you can easily get there by car, bicycle, and public transport or even on foot.

Play at the Downtown Aquarium

If you travel with children (or if you want to feel like a child again), the Downtown Aquarium (Aquarium Center) is fun. There they offer the typical attractions of the aquariums, although they also have amphibians, reptiles and even a tiger. Still do not impress you? They also have outdoor games similar to a fair, including a “Frog Hopper” and a carousel, although the star of the show is his wheel of fortune. The 30-meter wheel offers a wonderful view of the urban skyline of Houston, which is something that both children and adults enjoy.

Live a live show

Houston is for music lovers. And what better way to experience the energy of the city than with a live show? Whatever your favorite genre of music is, there’s probably a musician playing it somewhere in Houston. The Houston Press maintains an updated calendar of live shows that take place in the city. Check the agenda before your visit to see if one of your favorites is in the city, or check in the same night to see which places have live shows and try something new!

Visit a museum

If you love the arts, you will love the museums that Houston has to offer. Located in four areas that can be explored on foot, the city hosts 19 different museums, including the Children’s Museum of Houston, the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Contemporary Arts Museum. Houston (Museum of Contemporary Art of Houston). Within each zone you can visit at least three centers, and traveling between the zones is easy by car, public transport, and bicycle and, in some cases, on foot. Just visiting the museums is enough to fill your time.

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