As an activity in life, a formal night out can be one of the most rewarding events a person is likely to experience. Demonstrating one’s dress sense and good manners is a wonderful and unique way to make social contacts and to experience nightlife at its best. Formal events can be the jewel in the crown of social life. Here are just a few tips on how to make your formal night out count.

1. Accessorize Effectively

While most people attribute accessories to women, when a man is dressing up, accessorizing can be important for him as well. As you prepare for the evening, choose your cufflinks carefully. Make sure they match the look and feel of your tux. You may choose to wear monogrammed cufflinks or plain silver cufflinks. Depending on the look of your suit, you may consider adding a pocket watch for dramatic effect. The look and feel of the suit will also determine what tie you decide to wear. There are a variety of ties to choose for your evening out.

2. The Suit

Although the pages of mens magazines might tell you otherwise, little has changed in the way of men’s fashion in the last hundred years. A good suit and tie will still do wonders for a man’s appearance, and in formal events a traditional look still matters. Choosing a dark suit (charcoal gray or navy blue) or a tuxedo, if the occasion demands, will earn men points for their attractiveness and bearing. You can play up the classic look to fit your style, but make sure you do not go overboard.  Ties are essential and give you many different color choices to add some personality and color to your look. There are so many ties to choose from, but looking at different corporate tie options will give you a better idea of what fits your personal style best.

3. Maintain Good Poise

Along with dressing well, maintaining good poise and manners is a remarkably easy way to succeed when attending formal social events. Guests who treat others with an expression of interest and maintain an open and welcoming sense of posture will be the toast of the night.

4. Dress to Your Budget

While attending formal events can cause people a bit of anxiety, it’s also true that being oneself is more important than putting on a facade. Although it may be tempting to splurge on a designer outfit for a night out, it is also true that a simple, stylish dress or tuxedo that has been purchased within a narrow budget will often make a better impression than an outfit that is chosen solely to impress.

5. The Power of a Good Tailor

It’s often said that an inexpensive outfit with a good cut will serve a person better than an expensive outfit with a bad cut. While this may not always necessarily be true, there is a large degree of truth in the idea that having an outfit that flatters the body is a wonderful way to make a person seem more elegant. By bringing out the natural lines of the body in a man’s or woman’s formal attire, a good cut of clothing by a tailor can help guests at an event make a striking figure both in their dress and social presence.

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