Most of the time, rejuvenating procedures is sought for the face and the body. These are treatments that will help in keeping you younger or bring you back that youthful look in the parts one has chosen the treatment for.

One of the most popular things that are used aside from treatments is dermal fillers. Dermal fillers help in plumping up the skin where the fats usually get lost due to aging.

Aging has been one of the reasons why rejuvenation is sought by many. Aging may cause the skin to wrinkle, veins showing, and with bones sticking out. Setting aside the face and the neck, the hand is one of the most seen parts of one’s body.

Hand aging and wrinkling can be caused by many things. Of which some are mentioned below:

  1. Sun exposure
  2. Bad diet
  3. Aging
  4. Inactivity
  5. Smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks
  6. Exposure to chemicals
  7. Medications
  8. Dermal vascularity

How Can Hand Aging Be Remedied

First, it isn’t dermal filler alone. There can be other things that one can do before the dermal filler. IPL, chemical peel and microdermabrasion can help in lessening wrinkles in the hand and it can make your hand look younger but then they may not last long.

The simplest way to achieve the youthful hand for long is the dermal filler. It fills in the lost fat and the slackening muscles making the hand look plumper and appears youthful. This is called volume restoration.

Restoring volume in the hand, prominent veins may not be visible anymore and will improve skin tightness as well.

Why Dermal Fillers has Been One of the Most Sought after Treatments

There are different benefits that dermal fillers can give. For the face, it will help improve looks. For the hand, there are other visible benefits.

  1. Non-invasive. Dermal fillers can be done minus the operation. A simple injection will do and voila! You have your younger looking hand.
  2. Little risks. Complications are minimal and it is even non-existent at times. Keeps you brave all throughout the treatment too.
  3. Nontoxic. That’s why it poses little risk and complication, it won’t be doing your body bad.
  4. Less costly. Dermal fillers cost less as compared to other procedures that helps in rejuvenating your hand. It would even not require you to do some job absences. Yes, you can return back to your work after the injection of the filler.
  5. No need to prep yourself up. You don’t have to take some time off or avoid some things before the treatment. It is come and go procedure and won’t be eating up much of your time.

Some possible Complications

Though complications and risks are minimal, there are certain things that needs to be aware of. Infection and inflammation is possible to happen. This can be caused by some malpractice in the east of the doctor and even carelessness from the patient.

Some patients may also be hypersensitive to the fillers. And that would cause some infections. There will also be possibility that hypertrophic scars appear.

If you have diabetes though and related condition, you may be stopped from undergoing the treatment.

Dermal fillers are touted as one of the most precise treatment to wrinkling and aging. And in hand rejuvenation, it is even more beneficial. There are also some things pointed out such as if ever there is a complication, an easy revision can happen as the filler can be dissolved by another injection.

Single dermal filler can be done every 9 to 12 months. But this would depend on the filler used and the amount of volume injected. The dermal filler is not as uncomfortable d n painful as other treatments. Though a local anaesthesia can be requested if one can’t tolerate pain.

Dermal fillers are surely one of the ways to lend your hand some healthy and youthful look. Take some time to think about it before going on for the treatment. Weigh down your alternatives and know where to seek the treatment. Be aware of many fake clinics out there, you may be victimized.

Hand rejuvenation now may be equal to dermal fillers, but of course you have some choices as well. Everything is up to you now.

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